The International Brush Off Project & Cutler Crane Gallery in Memphis

Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Marina Cutler, President of Avenue Art Gallery and Cutler Crane Galleries, and Founder and host of The International Brush Off Project, who shares how she got into the art business and what led her to create The Brush Off Painting Competition to encourage emerging artists and help bring attention to Alzheimer’s and the important role art-based projects can have on people living with the disease.

The Cutler Crane Gallery is a nonprofit located in The CRANE CO. Building in downtown Memphis, Tennessee. The organization is focused on showcasing local and international artwork that attracts travelers, as well as Memphis, including everyone from the seasoned collector to the first time buyer of original art.

During the interview, Marina talks about the Cutler Crane Gallery and the recent event hosted in Memphis for The Brush Off Painting Competition. She discusses what inspires her and what she looks for in art, shares some valuable business tips for artists, and lessons learned as an entrepreneur, as well. She also talks about how the public can view the artwork, including that of The Brush Off Painting Competition, which will be displayed through July 31, 2022.

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