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HiSET Test Administrator: Part-Time

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HopeWorks has an opening for an HiSET Test Administrator: Part-Time. The HiSET test administrator is responsible for administering HiSET tests at a given testing location. The HiSET test administrator should be dependable and trustworthy, able to manage multiple testing related tasks at once. The test administrator is responsible for upholding the integrity of the HISET program by effectively organizing and overseeing the test administration process.
The part time schedule is created monthly and communicated with as much advance notice as possible. There is a possibility of weekday, evening, and weekend shifts.

The successful HiSET Test Administrator will verify the identity and eligibility of each HiSET test taker, maintain testing surveillance logs, seating charts and other documentation as required while maintaining the security of all testing materials; prepare a written inventory of all secure testing materials used during each test administration and maintain the inventory documentation in the permanent secure storage area; conduct testing sessions in accordance with ETS policies and procedures as set forth in the Program Manual and in any supplemental memoranda from ETS; Control testing sessions by following all ETS policies and procedures for conducting a testing session under standard conditions or, when appropriate, with accommodations for test takers with disabilities or health-related needs; adhere to ETS policies regarding preparing and submitting testing materials for scoring; inform the Chief Examiner and/or State Administrator of all disruptions or suspicious events that take place during any testing session promptly and in writing, by using a Test Administrator Irregularity Form; conduct investigations into test compromises and testing irregularities; follow ETS policies and procedures for reporting these irregularities; provide information about accommodations that are available and provide accessible testing with approved accommodations for test takers with disabilities or health related needs; attend appropriate examiner meetings sponsored by the jurisdiction; cooperate in research and surveys sponsored by ETS or by the State Administrator. Provide information about the HiSET to civic groups, adult educators and high school counselors; maintain testing area to ensure that a suitable testing environment is available for students and that all shared space is left in an appropriate condition; other tasks as required.

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