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Lipscomb University Institute for Conflict Management

Know what to do when conflict arises.

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Host Jeremy C. Park talks with Dr. Steve Joiner, Dean of the College of Leadership and Public Service and Executive Director for the Institute for Conflict Management with Lipscomb University, who shares some of his personal background and then highlights the structure and different programs with the College and Institute. During the interview, Dr. Joiner discusses how they are working to engage the needs of Nashville and Tennessee through leadership development, public service and managing conflict through proven techniques that can lead to productive outcomes for our community. He also highlights The Don R. Elliott lectures that are open to the public, why they moved the graduate school to the downtown campus, how the community can participate and engage in their efforts and more…

  • Steve’s background – 26 years in higher education – with a doctorate in leadership and a post doc in conflict management.
  • College Structure
  • What is unique about the College of Leadership and Public Service
  • How are we engaging the needs of Nashville and TN
  • What is the Andrews Institute and how does it fit into the College
  • Moving the graduate school to the downtown campus and why
  • The Don R. Elliott lectures and who is coming this year
  • How can people get involved in the College
  • Current initiatives in the College and partnerships that you have.
  • Regional and state scholars’ program in Leadership and Public Service



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