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DSP for Multiple Homes/Runner

This position is a Direct Support Professional position that works among multiple homes based on the need. The candidate must adhere to the Direct Support Professional job description in addition to the qualifications listed below.

Ability to be trained and comprehend all individuals ISP’s, BSP’s, Medical Plan of Care, and therapy plans if applicable.
Ability to work in any home within the agency.
Ability to go from one home to another home at any time during the shift as the need arises.
Must be punctual and have good attendance so that the individual’s day & schedule are not disrupted unnecessarily.
Must be able to attend individual’s doctor’s appointments & provide information as directed.
Ability to provide required Community Participation, meet ISP outcomes, and follow all schedules, planned calendars, to promote a productive & constructive day for the individual.
Ability to lift at least one-fourth of own body weight unassisted and ability to perform unassisted transfers of individuals with adaptive equipment (gait belts, Hoyer lifts, etc.).
The ability to handle all aspects of personal care with sensitivity, dignity, and respect. Ability to speak to each individual with person-centered language and honor their choices and rights.
Strong verbal and written communication skills. Ability to document concise, detailed notes about the person’s activities and how you supported them.
Operation of a motor vehicle is required which includes proof of a valid driver’s license and an ability to qualify as a designated driver under WTFS insurance guidelines. At any time that you no longer qualify to be a designated driver per your MVR, you would forfeit your ability to remain in the position.
Must have reliable transportation to change homes during assigned shifts.
All DIDD Relias training current, including CPR/1st Aid, PCM, Med Admin, Training Specific to the Needs of the Individual, RN delegation, and any other required, necessary trainings.
Flexibility – Must be able to work with all levels of individuals, work in all FTHs and support both male and female individuals.
May need to escort or attend to individuals at the hospital, must be willing to do so.
Responsiveness – Must possess the ability to respond quickly and move from home to home as needed throughout assigned shift.

Must be professional and able to work with all employees, various FT’s, CSC’s, AOD, nursing, and any other Administrative staff in a cooperative manner.

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