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YMCA of Memphis and the Mid-South

Justin Inskeep, Senior Vice President, New Business/Development

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Justin Inskeep, Senior Vice President, New Business/Development with YMCA of Memphis and the Mid-South, who highlights the long legacy of the Y’s efforts in the Mid-South and how they are currently responding to meet the new needs of the community by partnering with other organizations to offer “learning academies” throughout the Mid-South, in order to provide children with a safe and supportive environment for virtual learning. The Y is offering full day care, along with before and afterschool care with meals provided, enrichment, small group settings, and safety protocols in place, so they can help both parents and students find some normalcy and achieve success during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Y is also currently hiring and looking for talented individuals dedicated to making a difference in the Mid-South.

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